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Solar Spot Light

Type Solar motion light
Power 5W
Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Black, White
Brand EETC
Brief  introduction:
1.It is an energy saving and  portable charging solar powered flood light
2.Suitable for the County  road, Yard, Patio, Platform, Garden, Park, Orchard, Farm etc places.
3.Easy to install, Wiring  free, Zero Electric power,Charging in the day time, Light at night  automatically.

4.Energy saving, three work  mode for optional。

1.Solar Panel6V/3.5W
2.Battery:Li-ion 18650 3.7V/2200mAh  (A  Grade
3.LED:10pcs  0.5W Epistar SMD2835 LED
4.luminous flux500Lumen

5.Output Power5 Watt under full charged with 4.2V

1. Charging  during the daytime automatically, close light. Light up automatically when it  dark. Please use the installation kit to mount on the wall or other suitable  place with sunlight.
2. When installing at the  first time,press the switch on the back of light and cover the solar panel to  turn on the light. It come to the first lighting mode automactically after  lighting up.
3. After installation and turn  on the light, you can use the remote control to work,Operate under the below  of light with 3-5 meters distance, the working mode as below:                                                                                                                                                                                                            
a) After turning on the light,  come to the first lighting mode: Super Bright when induction of moving,  postpone 15 seconds then turn to Dim Bright status.    
b) Press the Switch one  time,come to second lighting mode, Super Bright when induction of moving,  postpone 15 seconds then turn to off light status.
c) Press the Switch  again,come to the third lighting mode,constant Medium Bright.
d) Press the Switch with  third time, turn to off light status directly.
4.The  light will be charged fully within 6-8 hours when meet with sunny day, It is  high sensitive with the PIR motion sensor. It light up continually when  induction of moving, the product turn to power saving mode when without  induction.


1. As the light was solar  powered, it is connected closely with angle and strength of sunlight,and the  weather.Propose use working Mode 3 for energy saving, if necessory, then use  the working Mode 2.
2. Lifetime is over 5 years for  battery, no need to change battery. Forbid to throwing the battery into the  fire to avoid exploding as it still with power.
3. Please keep clear on the  solar panel as it was charged by it. Propose clean the solar panel per 2  months so that easy and fast to charge。
4. Close the remote control to  save power if not use or went outside for long time.
5. We reserve all the right  for the final explanation of product.

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