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56LED solar motion light with Remote control

Type Solar motion light
Power 8.0W
Material Cast Aluminium
Color Silver
Brand EETC
Model# EETC56LED


  • Solar Panel: 6V/5.0W

  • Battery: Big full Capacity 4400mAh battery

  • Protection circuit Voltage: 3.0~4.25V

  • Output: 3.7V 2500mA  8.0W

  • Standby Current: 5uA

  • LED Chip: 60mA / 28Lm / SMD2835 x 56pcs

  • Luminous flex: 1000Lumen

  • Case Material: Aluminium with Satin finish

  • Remote Control: High Sensitivity Remote Control

  • Microwave Power: 10.8G  2MW

  • Sensing Distance: 10-20 meters

  • 3 Working Modes: High light+Dim light; High light+Off; Constant Bright

  • Postpone time for mode: 15 seconds

  • Lighting time:8-9 hours under the sensor mode, 5-6 hours under Constant bright mode

  • Charging time: 8 hours under Direct sunlight

  • Waterproof & Sunproof: IP65, Anti-18 typhoon rainstorm

Work Mode

  • For the first time using, light the solar panel, use the Pin needle to connect the power, start the protection circuit, come to the first working mode automatically. Hight light + dim light working mode. The brightness is strong when people go through the sensory area, and postpone 12 seconds, it became dim when people leave the sensory area.

  • Press the Mode 2 switch on the remote control, then open the high light+off mode. The brightness is strong when people go through the sensory area, postpone 12 seconds, then turn off automatically when people leave the sensory area.

  • Press the Mode 3 switch on the remote control, then change to the constant bright mode.

  • If no need to work, press the power switch to off.

  • If not use the light for long time, use the pin needle to off the power.

Notice of Installation

  • The sensor can not toword the body may moving.

  • Can not toword to indoor, because the mircowave is strong to penetrate the non-metal, easy to cause the wrong sense.

  • Without the big and the thick body in the sensing area, otherwise there will be a dead zone behind these bodys.

  • The sensor can not toword to the light source like as daylight lamp, mercury lamp etc gas discharge lamp. The daylight lamp will produce a 100Hz signal directly, especially the flashing light was broke down.

  • Can not be installed indoor.

  • The distance of two light should over 2 meters since it is easy to affected when microwave crossed each other.


1 x 56LED Solar motion light

1 x Remote Control

1 x Pin needle

1 x User Manual

1 x Installation kit

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